Explore Amalfi | Matera | Puglia

3 nights | June 28

The Amalfi coast is legendary for its dramatic beauty. Pastel fishing villages line the coast with breathtaking cliffs to the bay. Our first stop will be Ravello, a vibrant cliff top retreat. Take in the lush hilltop gardens, unbelievably blue sea and sky and enjoy the relaxed vibe.

During our three day stay in Ravello, we will tour Amalfi, Positano and see how Limoncello is made.

2 nights | July 1

Matera is like no place you’ve ever seen before. It is known as the “City of Caves” because it’s made up of complex cave dwellings carved right into the mountain. It is the third-oldest continually inhabited settlement in the world. Today in Matera everything that’s old is new again, the caves are transformed to elegant vaulted ceiling hotels and restaurants.

During our three night stay in Matera, we will tour this Capital of European Culture for 2019 and enjoy a cooking lesson in a historical palace.

2 nights | July 3

Lecce | Puglia
The region of Puglia is known for its Olive groves, some as old as 1,000 years and produces 40% of Italy’s olive oil. Observe these olive groves on our way to Lecce. Lecce is known as the “Florence of the south". You can wander through its narrow sandstone streets gazing at the ornate baroque architecture of many of its buildings. During our two nights in Lecce, we will tour the city as well as take a day trip to Gallipoli.

3 nights | July 5

Polignano a Mare
Our last stop is Polignano a mare, a seaside gem in Puglia. Located atop a limestone cliff, it has a combination of charming white washed buildings and old world buildings and churches. It was home to Domenico Modugno, who wrote and sang many famous Italian songs including the huge hit Volare.

Take in the magnificent beach views of crystal clear aqua blue water surrounded by cliffs where adventurous swimmers are cliff diving. During our stay here, we will enjoy a beautiful evening of a Pugliese buffet dinner and music, tour Grotte di Castellana and take day trips to Alberobello and Filomena’s personal favorite, Monopoli. If time permits, we will also take a trip to Ostuni.


This package includes: 10 nights at 4 star hotels, breakfast everyday, lunch or dinner every day, private bus transportation between each city, private guides for the tours, the limoncello tour and one cooking lesson.

This package does not include: Airfare, Transportation to and from the airports, travel insurance and any city taxes. It is recommended that you purchase airline tickets flying into Naples and returning to the United States from the airport in Bari.

Payment: check made out to Ciao Amici
Payment with PayPal 3% fee
Deposit of $800

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