Mommy and Me | Thursdays

mommy and meEnhance the bond between mother and child while singing, dancing, and drawing, etc. in an all Italian atmosphere at Ciao Amici!

You and your child vi divertirete tanto (will have a lot of fun) while you are learning the Italian language and sharing special bonding moments.

This is the perfect age to start your child on the road to being bi-lingual.

Parent MUST be present. Classes run from September thru June.  Payments to be made monthly on the first of the month



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THURSDAYS  10:00 AM 10:45 AM

 Min. of 4 registered to hold the class. Max of 6 children (Lesson time 1 hour).

All children will be social distanced and the use of face covering required

Cost: monthly fee $ 80.00 per month (45 min. class)
Deposit: Payment for month of September and June
Registration: $ 50.00 one time fee

Classes will form with minimum of 4 students

Ciao Amici’s Italian Lessons operate from September — June. However, you can join classes at any time.

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