Ages 3-5 Classes | Tuesdays and Thursdays

3-5 Aages ClassWe introduce younger children to the Italian language by focusing on the sound of the letters of the Italian alphabet: using the sounds associated with each letter and words that begin with it.

This is a fun class where we introduce the basics of Italian in a playful way. Ciao Amici uses books, role-play, and fun activities that the children enjoy while learning

Classes run from September thru June, commitment to the class is for the year.

Payments to be made monthly on the first of the month.

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Min. of 4 registered to hold the class. Max of 6 children

Cost: $ 180.00 (1 hour class)
Deposit: Payment for month of September and June
Registration: $ 50.00 one time fee

Classes will form with minimum of 4 students

Ciao Amici’s Italian Lessons operate from September — June. However, you can join classes at any time.

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