Ciao Amici will be closed from Sunday April 9 - Monday April 17 for Spring Break

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  • Simply fantastic
  • I can’t say enough about Ciao Amici! I took a pasta making class and I enjoyed every minute of it! The staff is so friendly and professional. I had so much fun learning something new for the first time. The whole experience made me feel like I was in Italy and it brought back so many memories of my vacations there as well as memories of holidays in an Italian-American family. I will be back for sure. I highly recommend Ciao Amici to everyone!
  • I’ve wanted to learn Italian since I was a child but never found any reputable places until I stumbled upon Ciao Amici - this place is a seriously a hidden gem and perfect for anyone looking to learn the Italian language and it’s culture! I am so happy I found Ciao Amici!!