Ages 8-10 Classes

8 10 Ages Classes

For this group, lessons are focused on every-day topics including school, home, and family. Students use relatable topics as a basis for new vocabulary; their sentences start to flow better as they improve their reading and writing skills.

Ciao Amici uses lesson plans, books, songs, games, recipes and role-play.


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For more info please contact FILOMENA COCCARO at 908.931.9100

Classes run from the week of Sept 6 to the week of June 10 - The school year includes 36 lessons.

  Start Finish
MONDAYS 4:30 PM 5:30 PM

Min.of 4 registered to hold the class. Max of 6 children (Lesson time 1 hour).

All children will be social distanced and the use of face covering required

Cost: monthly fee $ 120.00
Deposit: Payment for month of September and June
Registration: $ 50.00 one time fee

Classes will form with minimum of 4 students

Ciao Amici’s Italian Lessons operate from September — June. However, you can join classes at any time.

Please enter information on this form to register for Ages 8-10 Class on Mondays 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Option: THURSDAYS for a monthly fee of $180, please ask for more details

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